Joy to the soul light in your life.
Troubles with your leads by Oracle
From Shin-Osaka Station 6 minutes walk from private salon

>> 当サロンは完全予約制 です<<

You can talk
Select event does not fall short of the mark and the future.

And your heart
Help for the soul to shine

At Shin-Osaka private salon
In man-to-man, and snuggle up in your heart
Inspiration Tarot

According to themes studied at all, to gain a deeper understanding

Rather than being restricted to the time and place
Face with a mind of its own
LINE identification

It's also the
Stretch out the makings of you, good luck in
Natural stone bracelet & accessories

The warmth of the point of planting at the hands of the people.
Feel closer to the traditions of Japan
Now and then dyed Japanese gadgets, interior design

We offer



Luce 光

Introduction to healer

神那Jointer plane
鑑定歴25年。 霊感オラクルカード、心理カード、手相にて鑑定。
ヒーラーとしての心身トレーナー。 整体、心理睡眠療法、エステも施術しています。
神那オリジナルの アクセサリー・雑貨・インテリアも展開中

Ruel *Rouelle
Messages can be bright and happy life filled with love, now you need to tell.
LINE identification
-Original stage diagnosis
Love reading of the soul

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